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Traditional Stollen

Stollen is a sweet yeasted bread, which seems to have first been baked in Saxony, east Germany in the 13th century – to this day the city of Dresden celebrates with an annual stollen festival. Filled with almonds, fruit and currants or raisins, folded and covered with icing sugar, it is a unique and delicious holiday bread that is essential for millions of people of European heritage at Christmastime.

We make stollen in two sizes – our large 750g loaf is the traditional loaf with a marzipan centre, also called Christstollen, as it represents the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths. Our smaller loaf is 400g, and does not include the marzipan centre, for those who do not like almond.

Ours is a very traditional stollen – no preservatives or chemicals or additives – and it does not require refrigeration. We bake our stollen to be served Christmas week, and it should not be refrigerated or frozen before that time – Stollen becomes more flavorful as it matures, as long as it does not get too cold. You will notice some discoloring as the oils from the nuts and fruits makes it way to to the icing sugar-covered surface of the loaf – this does not mean it is going bad, but rather the opposite – it is getting tastier!

750g with marzipan $20.00  AVAILABLE NOW
400 g, no marzipan $10.00  AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 4

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ingredients: unbleached flour, raisins, butter, whole milk, glace citrus peel, currants, brandy, slivered almonds, marzipan, fresh yeast, whole eggs, sugar, salt, spices, lemon zest.

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  • 750g with Marzipan $20.00
  • 400g, no Marzipan $10.00