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Fresh and made completely from scratch. Sweet Thea cakes are a nostalgic taste of the good ‘ol days with whole, simple ingredients; butter, milk, eggs, sugar and such.

There are two types of cakes available. Beautiful tall ‘Celebration Cakes’ and two layer ‘Sheet Cakes’ which cover a larger table area. See below for more info and to order…

All cakes are made to order so please give us at least two days notice before you need your cake.

Celebration Cakes are tall multilayer cakes and come in 3 finishes shown below.
Available in 3 sizes which serve from 10-30 people.

Click here to order your CELEBRATION CAKE

Click to Order a SHEET CAKE

Sheet Cakes are available in 3 sizes ranging from 20-100 servings. They come with plain un-iced edges or you can add lovely rosettes around the edge for $10 extra.