Fake cakes, specialty cakes, favors and more

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6 Responses to “Fake cakes, specialty cakes, favors and more”

  1. Garven Lee

    I’m interested in getting a fake cake for my wedding on June 24, 2012. Would you be able to send me more info and some pictures of the fake cakes you provide? Our theme colors are dark purple and silver.
    Thanks very much and hope to hear back from you.


  2. Audrey

    Hi there, I was wondering how much would a fake cake cost, which includes the top layer cut-able/edilble for photos? Do you also offer slab cakes for serving ? How much would that cost?

    Thank you!


    • laurie

      Hi Audrey,
      Please contact Thea directly on the ‘Request a Consultation’ page of this website


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