Monthly Archives: June 2009

A sweet surprise from Mike and Vanessa

Last Friday I picked up Polly, my Smart Car with her brand new paint job, drove her downtown and parked near the Vancouver Club.  Later in the day, when I picked up the car again, I was surprised and delighted to find an envelope on the windshield, marked ‘To Thea from Sweet Thea *I tried […]

Sugar Pulling and Sugar Blowing by Ewald Notter

Any book by Ewald Notter, Swiss Master Confectioner, is the top of the craft – he is one of the world’s greatest sugar artists, with awe-inspiring technique and imagination. This was a gift from my mentor, George Wagner, who taught me some of these techniques using poured sugar. Written in German, English, and French, the […]

Bridal Services Canada profiles Sweet Thea

I was delighted see that  Bridal Services Canada’s website has posted a nice profile of Sweet Thea, as part of their Canadian Wedding Vendor Showcase.  Thank you!

Loyd & Christine photo will be painted on Polly!

This week our Smart Car (which we call ‘Polly’) is getting a brand new wrap, and she will have the great photo by Daniela Ciuffa of Loyd and Christine’s wedding across the back window! When the designer asked us what design we would like, we sent him to this website and asked him to come […]