Specialty Wedding Cakes

Often Thea is asked if she can provide specialty cake for weddings, and the response is always ‘Yes!’

Her  most frequent requests are for:

(a) flourless chocolate
(b) allergy-specific, such as spelt, egg-free, or dairy-free cake
(c) traditional fruitcake

Flourless chocolate cake is much like a Genoise cake – using air suspended in the batter during mixing to give volume, it uses low heat from melted chocolate to create an aerated chocolate custard, used to build the cake – a very delicious and safe option for gluten-free diets!

Flourless Chocolate Cake by Sweet Thea (photo credit Suzanne Paxton)
Flourless Chocolate Cake by Sweet Thea (photo credit Suzanne Paxton)

Spelt is an ancient grain, which has had a considerable revival as a health alternative in the last several years.  The organic farming movement has embraced it because it uses fewer fertilizers than many grains, and it has a lower gluten-content, allowing some people with wheat allergy or intolerance to use it.  Slightly crunchy with a nutty flavor, it can be sprouted, and has even been used to make vodka and beer!

a Sweet Thea Spelt Cake
a Sweet Thea Spelt Cake

Egg-free cakes are also quite popular.  Many young children are hypersensitive to eggs, and some people remain allergic for their entire lifetime – some to egg whites, others the yolk, while some can’t tolerate either.  This allergy can cause a severe overreaction of the immune system, leading straight to a hospital emergency  room – not fun!  Eggs work in a cake as an emulsifier – they help the ingredients to mix smoother – and other options are available – even applesauce can work as an emulsifier.

Dairy-free Cakes are very important, as dairy products affect many people poorly. Some  are lactose-intolerant, while others are allergic to specific dairy-based items.  The best way to manage these reactions is by avoiding milk proteins altogether. This is hard to do in an average supermarket, where most processed foods use dairy products or derivatives in their composition!

Fruit Cake is most often requested by couples of British descent,  where it has been traditionally used since the Victorian era, when it was a symbol of prosperity and goodness; there is even an old wedding custom that has an unmarried wedding guest sleeping with a piece of the fruitcake underneath their pillow, so that they may dream of their future spouse!

Fruit Cake on the Top Tier
Fruit Cake on the Top Tier

Thea is enthusiastic about bringing her preference to fresh, natural ingredients to her specialty cakes, and will be happy to design one for you. While many bakers prefer not to make specialty cakes, as it incurs additional cost and labor (and non-traditional ingredients can be fussy work in the kitchen!), Thea can generally deliver a delicious and beautiful high-quality cake for you, for only about an additional fifty cents per slice.

When you book your consultation with Thea, let her know about your specialty requirements – you will not need to sacrifice anything to have your dream cake on your special day!








5 Responses to “Specialty Wedding Cakes”

  1. body detox diet

    i love eating fruit cakes, specially with extra walnuts, almonds and raisins. another favorite of mine is the Dresdner Stollen or German Fruitcake

    • Sweetthea

      Thea loves making Stollen, and has some great ‘old world’ recipes and techniques. We hope to make stollen available through the site this coming Christmas!


  2. Indianapolis Wedding Cakes

    Gluten-free wedding cakes seem to be getting more and more popular every year…and spelt is certainly not far behind it. BTW, love the simplicity and elegance of the white and mint green wedding cake, so beautiful Thea!

  3. Sandra Hyslop

    Dear Thea,
    I enjoyed your web sight and essay on English fruitcakes!
    My son is getting married on the 30th April and I have been asked to make the wedding cake.
    I have baked a traditional fruitcake and wondered if you would be willing to decorate it in a simple style,with marzipan and royal icing? and delicate icing “embroidery” and flowers, perhaps ribbons…
    I have baked 3 tiers of 10, 8 and 6 inch rounds, as well as a 10 and 8 inch square for cutting and for guests to take home.
    The reception is to be at Cecil Green at UBC.
    My son is Michael Hyslop and his fiance is Michelle Miller.
    My phone number is 250 537 4568, on Saltspring.
    I look forward to discussing things with you and then if you are willing to decorate the cake, to meet with Michelle and her Mother and I.Many Thanks, Sandra Hyslop


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